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Caroline Patrick is available for feng shui consultations anywhere in the world...and it doesn't cost you air fare to fly her to your home or business!!

For those of you who would like a personal feng shui consultation in the northern San Francisco Bay Area (Solano and Napa counties, as well as Contra Costa and some Marin county areas) call Caroline at 360-293-2268 and make an appointment. Rates are: $350 per consultation, plus $179 per hour over, plus mileage. In studio consultation: $198 for 1/2 hour.

Everywhere else in the world: Simply send a floor plan (blue print or draw one up on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper - one page for each floor or section, i.e., house and Feng Shui around the world garden). Indicate where the property is situated in relation to other houses in the area (on top of a hill, to the side of a freeway, on a cul de sac, at the end of a street, etc.)

Include the problems in your life you'd like to 'cure', where you and your children, parents (if applicable) have your bedrooms. Include a picture or two if you'd like.

Caroline will provide you with an easy to understand consultation providing Contemporary or Chinese traditional cures and corrections; herbal and art suggestions.

Feng Shui Consultation:

In person, by mail, by phone. Call today for an appointment!
Send floor plan, comments and pictures with
money order or cashier's check ( for Visa/Mastercard,
call or email for instructions) to

Caroline's Feng Shui Concepts
2511 Commercial Ave
Anacortes, WA 98221

Telephone: 360-293-2268

Fax: 360-588-1521

allow 4 weeks for consultation to arrive.

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